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Corner Table includes a main dining room, private dining and cabana style patio all in a beautiful ambiance incorporating many of the building’s architectural elements into an oasis in the center of the city. Corner Table is Houston’s first Paleo restaurant in River Oaks. Known for new and exciting twists and important nods to Paleo and gluten-free fare. The restaurant is a reliable source of high quality ingredients and fresh products delivering a flavorful dining experience. Corner Table is the River Oaks restaurant adventure you will not soon forget.

You and your family have many choices when it comes to Houston dining. Corner Table is situated in the beautiful neighborhood of River Oaks. We welcome you to drop in for lunch or dinner with your friends and family to try out our unique food. Our restaurant is family friendly and kid friendly with a wide variety of dishes including a kids menu with paleo and gluten free selections. Explore this site for new and exciting items on the lunch and dinner menus and browse through the photos of beautifully plated entrees and desserts.